01. / Work

Avery is an award-winning Talent Strategist with over 10 years of experience. Having recently been featured in HRD Canada's hot list in the Top 27 HR Professionals in Canada, Avery continues to play an active role as an HR Leader to watch in the growing tech space in Toronto. Always looking to what’s next, Avery works with leading startups to navigate the world of talent acquisition and build inclusive workplace cultures worth being a part of. A champion of diversity, inclusion and belonging, Avery is a founder of Bridge School as well as DITTO (Diversity and Inclusion Talks TO). Formerly the Head of Talent at League and Director of Talent at Rangle.io, Avery currently leads Bright + Early’s talent strategy and inclusion projects.



02. / Play

When she's out of the office Avery spends her time painting, spinning, reading, trying out new wines and ticking off one new place at a time while she travels the world. In her spare time, Avery loves to document travel through some amateur photography.


03. / Speaking


When she's not consulting with Toronto's top startups or working on her latest painting Avery can be found speaking on wide range of topics from personal branding, talent strategy, Diversity and Inclusion to sexual harassment in the workplace. She loves exploring topics related to building inclusive workplaces that promote diversity and brining your best self to work, so get in touch if you’d like her to speak at your next event.

Notable Past Speaking Engagements 

DisruptHR Toronto - #Triggered

SaaS North - Building Inclusive Workplaces in Tech

GirlGeeks Toronto - Radical Allyship

Digital Talent Acquisition Summit - Personal Branding

#MoveTheDial Stories - Women in Tech

Upcoming Speaking Engagements 

Elevate Toronto

Gather North

Digital Talent Acquisition Summit



04. / Let's Connect!

Now that you know all about me - I'd love to learn more about you!

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